Based on 19 years of continues activity and experience in publication and delivery of public informative services, Aeropub is going to be a new window to international civil/general aviation market. A glance to this history of two decades one can highlight many milestones including publishing, newsletters, magazines and event journals in different disciplines and environments such as academic educational business professional and promotional. We are proud to introduce ourselves as a professional team with a long history and experiences in providing content for informative analytic and educational purposes for a wide verity of civil and general aviation shareholders.

In recent years we have started to participate in regional and international aviation events. This mixture of experience and the taste of new working environment make us confident enough to start a new activity. Aeropub will be a publication services provider in the major general/civil aviation events. We have just started our way by actively participation in MAKS 2017. Aeropub is proud to announce its informative partnership with MAKS 2017 official organizer. We will deliver our first issues of publication materials in this respectful event on 18th July. Living in the dynamic world of information exploration of 21th century Aeropub will be a flexible resource for preparing the analytic and informative content for all the spectrum of civil/general aviation society.

Aeropub will use both online and also printed potential capabilities to broadcast the content.

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