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About Bara Aerospace Engineering and Support Co. Ltd.


Bara Aerospace (Eng. & Support) represents a reliable partner for a wide range of high-tech engineering, business solutions and consultancy services in both fields of civil aviation systems and gas turbine industry.

Company team is consisted of highly educated and professional experienced technical, business and marketing team. Bara is involved in industrial projects with strong mutual cooperation with international partners.

Based on years and year’s activities as business developer and technology transfer broker, Bara is a known brand in domestic and international  business space.

Bara is member of board at IASIA.


Our website is under development in order to show a clear image to our potential partners about the opportunities and collaboration benefits.

Please feel free to contact us:

Office 1: No. 18 - Tetis Bldg. - Marzdaran Blvd. - Tehran

Tel: +982144292070

Office 2: No. 507 - Palmira Complex - Fadak - Narmak - Tehran

Tel: +982177850236

email: reza@aeropub.ir / aslani.reza@chmail.ir



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